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Mmm, temperature play. The sensations brought on by changes in temperature can be incredibly powerful. Whether it's the burning sweetness of wax dripping down your inner thigh, the shiver-inducing coolness of ice on your skin, or the relaxing warmth of massage oil on your back, our bodies and minds can respond in amazing ways.

Temperature play can be soft, sensual, or delightfully painful and pleasurable. It's all up to you and how saucy you want to get. Temperature play is a great way to awaken your senses and pleasure your body.

Today, we fill you in on all there's to know on temperature play. Are you ready to spice things up? Let's get started!

What is Temperature Play?

Temperature play is, just as the name says, playing or experimenting with different temperatures in your sex life and stimulating your feel-good areas. It will all depend on what you like, as you can experiment with hot and cold temperatures. Your options are literally endless. 

Carol Queen, PhD and sexologist, says, “Lots of things can fall under the ‘temperature play’ umbrella.” This is an excellent option for those who prefer a more traditional or vanilla lifestyle and aren't interested in exploring anything too outside of the norm or those who enjoy the kinkier side of life. 

Queen also says, "Temperature play introduces a new way of experiencing pleasure you're likely not used to. Plus, "Your neurology responds to temperature variation naturally, and for some, this can add to erotic response or help unearth kinks we didn't know we had."

Why Experiment With Temperature Play? 

The following are reasons why you should experiment with temperature play:

  • Awakens Senses: Increases sensitivity for heightened awareness.
  • Enhances Intimacy: Deepens trust and respect with a partner through new experiences.
  • Thrilling Sensations: The contrast of temperatures can feel daring and exhilarating.
  • Builds Anticipation: The suspense of waiting for cold or warm touches adds excitement.
  • Self-Discovery: Uncover new sexual preferences and pleasures.

How to Incorporate Temperature Play in Your Sex Life

The following are ways that you can incorporate temperature play in the bedroom (or outside of it😉).

Bath or Shower

You can start by experimenting with temperature play in the shower or bath by using a handheld shower head and aiming it towards your genitals or your erogenous zones. If you are a vagina owner, please don't let the powerful stream of any temperature flow into your vagina, as this can be dangerous. Rather, focus the stream on the external area of your vulva. 

Ice Ice Baby

Another way to experiment with temperature play is by using an ice cube. If you're flying solo, you can run the ice down your neck and sensitive spots and see how it makes you feel. If you are experimenting with a partner, you can run the ice cube over their erogenous zones or put it in your mouth while performing oral on them. Trust us, it is hot as hell. 🔥

You can also lick ice cream off each other's bodies if you're in the mood for some sweet sexiness.😉

Incorporate Sex Toys

You can experiment with temperature play by incorporating sex toys that are made from glass or metal. You can boil them or run them under warm water if you're looking for a spicy experience, or you can put them in the fridge or run them under cold water if you're in the mood for something chilly. 

Here is a tip: if it's too cold or hot to hold in your hand, it's still too cold or hot to go inside or on your or your partner's body. 

The Best Material for Temperature Play

Whether you are getting spicy flying solo or with a partner, certain sex toys are a great way to experiment with temperature play. Let's have a look at the sex toy materials that are the best for temperature play. 


You might be thinking no way am I putting glass inside me. But don't worry, glass sex toys are made from borosilicate glass that is durable and able to withstand cooling and warming temperatures, making it great for temperature play. It is also super easy to clean because it is non-porous. 

Cooling and Heating of Glass 

Just like stainless steel sex toys, you can pop glass ones in warm or cool water and leave them a bit to adjust to the temperature, and then they're ready to be used. But once again, don't put them in the freezer, as this could cause damage to your glass toy. 

Stainless Steel

When we think of stainless steel, we think of something hard and cold. That's exactly what it is and why it's great for temperature play. It also offers excellent stimulation, is easily receptive to temperature changes, and is easy to clean. 

Cooling and Heating of Stainless Steel

Place your stainless steel toy into a bowl of warm or cool water and let it chill for a moment so it can adjust to the temperature. You can also wrap your metal toy in a clean cloth and put it in the fridge. But PLEASE avoid putting it in the freezer because you don't want your tongue or genitals sticking to the ice-cold metal. Ouch!


Our Favorite Sex Toy for Temperature Play <3

The Heart of Glass dildo is an amazing sex toy for temperature play. It is made from exceptionally strong borosilicate glass. This type of glass is durable and can withstand cold and warm temperatures, so you don't have to worry about it breaking because of temperature changes. 

It has a unique design that is both firm and ribbed, making it perfect for temperature play. You can put it in the fridge for a cool sensation or run it under hot water to warm it up. The glass material is non-porous and hypoallergenic, ensuring both safety and ease of cleaning. Plus, its sleek design makes it a pleasure to look at.

Why We Love The Heart of Glass Dildo

The following are the benefits of the Heart of Glass dildo.

  • It has a tapered tip for easy insertion. 
  • Its textured shaft is great for G-spot stimulation.
  • The bulb design is great if you love the sensation of insertion.
  • It has an adorable appearance and is functional with its enhanced grip and stimulation control. 

Massage Candles

Another way to experiment with temperature play is by using candles. Use a specific candle, like a massage candle, as it has a lower melting temperature. Light the massage candle and drip or pour the wax directly onto the skin for a sizzling but sexy sensation. Some folks just use normal taper candles which is totally fair game but know that these burn a lot hotter than massage candles.

Chill Your Lube

Pop your water-based lube or massage oil in your fridge for a cool experience. Water-based lube is perfect for vaginal or anal penetration and even oral. It is also compatible with condoms and sex toys.

Here Are Some Tips for Temperature Play 

The following are tips to make temperature play more enjoyable.

  • Surprise Element with Blindfolds: Get your freak on and blindfold your partner to incorporate the element of surprise. Not knowing whether they will experience something chilly or hot on their bodies will intensify the pleasure. 
  • Whole Body Experience: Don't let the genitals be your main focus. Your entire body will be sensitive to temperature change. And if one area was cooled with an ice cube, a warm mouth next would feel magical. 
  • Ease In: Start off slow. No need to start with things that are extremely hot or cold. Ease yourself or your partner into it. 
  • Open Communication: Talk with your partner and discuss your limits, what is too cold and hot for your liking, and also have a safe word in place so that you guys can stop whenever something doesn't feel right. 

Safety Considerations of Temperature Play 

Keeping your safety in mind when experimenting with temperature play is very important. Here are some safety tips to consider.

  • Consent!: Everyone who is participating in temperature play should be sane, safe, and sober and give their consent. 
  • Boundaries: Set boundaries before engaging in temperature play, and do check-ins with your partner along the way. You may consider a safe word.
  • Safety First: Always have safety equipment, like first aid kits or fire extinguishers, and your phone in case of an emergency. 
  • Less Is More: Never use extreme temperature on your genitals or inside your body, as it may cause your body to go into shock. Seek treatment when necessary.
  • Test It First: First, test the temperature on yourself before trying it on someone else. If it’s too hot or cold to hold, it should never go inside someone.

Temperature Play Aftercare

Aftercare after temperature play is important and may look different for everyone. Aftercare is something that needs to be incorporated into all sexual activities. It will make both parties feel safe and cared for and increase intimacy. 

Explore these aftercare activities together:

  • Talk with your partner and reflect on your experiences.
  • Drink or eat something together.
  • Dress in something cozy and cuddle under a blanket
  • Apply aloe vera to your skin for a soothing experience. 

Final Thoughts on Temperature Play 

Temperature play is a great way to spice up partnered or solo sessions. Decide whether you like it hot or cold or both, and enjoy the powerful sensations that come along with it. 

The options are endless, whether you want to use ice or ice cream for a cooling sensation or candle wax or massage oil for something warm.

Sex toys made from glass or metal are great for temperature play as you can cool or warm them and have some fun. Don't forget the blindfold if you want to incorporate a surprise element and make the experience even more intense. 

Our fave sex toy for temperature play is the Heart of Glass Dildo. Not only is it thermal-reactive, but it's functional with its cute design, enhanced grip, and stimulation control.  

So what are you waiting for? Experiment and explore the world of temperature play and awaken your senses, hun. 

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