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Have you experimented with Kegel ball exercises, and are you ready to take it up a notch? Well, there are many options, ranging from weighted Kegel balls designed for pelvic toning to vibrating Kegel balls that offer both strengthening and pleasure. 

Today, we step into the world of vibrating Kegel balls. It is a vibe, isn't it? We will tell you how to use them, who they are suited for, and the benefits you may enjoy while using them. We will also share our favorite vibrating kegel balls with you guys. Let's bounce right to it!


What Are Vibrating Kegel Balls?

Vibrating Kegel balls are intimate fitness devices designed to strengthen pelvic floor muscles and enhance sensation through their combined weighted and vibrating features.

These balls are designed to strengthen and tone your pelvic floor muscles while providing pleasure. It's the best of both worlds. 

The difference between vibrating Kegel balls and regular Kegel balls is that vibrating Kegel balls are designed with a motor inside that offers different vibration modes. It also provides extra stimulation to strengthen and tone your pelvic floor muscles. The vibrations aid in strengthening the muscles quicker than you would do manually. 

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How to Use Vibrating Kegel Balls in 6 Steps  

Embarking on the journey of using vibrating Kegel balls can be both empowering and enjoyable. In this section, we'll guide you through the effective and safe utilization of these versatile devices for enhancing pelvic health and sensory pleasure.

#1 Clean and Charge Before Use

Ensure you clean your vibrating Kegel balls with antibacterial soap and warm water before each use. Also, make sure that they're charged. Of course, you can still use them if they aren't charged, as they will just be like regular Kegel balls, but if you're looking for that pleasure element, make sure to give them a charge. 

#2 Lube it Up 

Apply water-based lube on the Kegel balls and the opening of your vagina. Water-based lube is safe not only for the silicone toy but also for you. 


#3 Get Into Position

Get into a comfortable position; lying on your back is often recommended for ease and relaxation. 


#4 Relax & Insert 

Gently and gradually guide the balls into your vagina, emphasizing a slow and mindful approach. Breathe slowly to aid in muscle relaxation. If you’re tense during insertion this might be hard to do. 

#5 Turn it On

Ok now that they’re in, you can turn your vibrating Kegel balls on via remote. (Vibrating kegel balls are easiest to use if they have a remote.) Of course, you can also use them without the vibration, but the vibration offers extra stimulation to tone your pelvic muscles, as the vibration encourages deeper and more engaged muscle contractions.

#6 Squeeze & Lift 

While lying down, squeeze your pelvic floor muscles around the balls and keep these muscles contracted for about 5 to 15 seconds. Now relax and release the tension. Repeat this exercise several times to maximize its effectiveness.

Relax, explore, and most importantly, get aroused and enjoy the journey to a stronger and healthier vagina.

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The Link Between a Strong Pelvic Floor & Better Orgasms 

It turns out that working on your pelvic floor might do more than just boost your health—it could spice up your orgasm game. 

Think of your pelvic floor muscles as the hidden heroes of pleasure: when they're strong, they make those climactic moments even more intense. That's because during the big O, these muscles contract, and if they're more toned, those contractions are stronger, making everything feel more intense and pleasurable. 

But it's not just about power. A toned pelvic floor can also mean more sensitivity down there, making the whole journey to climax more enjoyable. And let's not forget, keeping these muscles in shape is a great long-term strategy for your sexual wellness, especially as you age. 

So, yeah, strengthening your pelvic floor with exercises like Kegel ball routines could mean saying hello to more earth-shaking orgasms. It's like hitting the gym for your sex life — and who wouldn't want that?

Discovering if Vibrating Kegel Balls Are Right for You

Vibrating Kegel balls are for vagina owners who want to level up their Kegel game and are looking for extra stimulation to tone their pelvic floor muscles and, of course, added sexual pleasure. 

These devices are ideal for individuals who have moved beyond the beginner stage and are ready to explore more advanced options. While still suitable for beginners, vibrating Kegel balls offer additional features that cater to the evolving needs of growing users.

Does that sound like you?

The Many Benefits of Vibrating Kegel Balls

Doing exercises with vibrating Kegel Balls might benefit your body and your pleasure in many amazing ways. Let’s explore. 

Body Benefits: Enhanced Pelvic Health 

  • Enhanced Muscle Toning: Regular use of Kegel balls may provide extra stimulation to tone pelvic floor muscles.
  • Reduced Risk of Prolapse: The use of Kegel balls may significantly lower the risk of pelvic organ prolapse.
  • Post-Childbirth Recovery: Utilizing Kegel balls may expedite the process of regaining muscle toning and strength following childbirth.
  • Increased Bladder Control: Consistent use of Kegel balls can strengthen the muscles responsible for bladder control, potentially decreasing the likelihood of incontinence, a concern particularly relevant with aging or post-childbirth.

Benefits For Your Pleasure

Vibrating Kegel balls may benefit your pleasure in the following ways. 

  • Increased Blood Circulation: This is the unsung hero. The vibration from these balls stimulates blood flow to the pelvic area, enhancing overall pelvic health and contributing to better sexual arousal, natural lubrication, and vaginal elasticity. 
  • Boosted Arousal: Vibrations from the Kegel balls may enhance arousal both before and during sexual activity.
  • Enhanced Sexual Sensation: Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles can increase sensitivity during sexual activities, thus enhancing pleasure for both you and your partner.
  • Improved Vaginal Elasticity: Regular use of these balls helps maintain and improve vaginal elasticity, which is beneficial for sexual health and comfort, particularly after childbirth or during menopause.
  • Heightened Orgasms: Regular use may intensify your orgasms, making them more pleasurable.
  • Partner's Pleasure: Your partner may also enjoy the benefits of your exercises, as strengthened muscles can lead to a firmer grip during intercourse.
  • Masturbation Aid: Vibrating Kegel balls can double as a tool for masturbation, providing sensational pleasure when used against the clitoris or for internal stimulation.


The Best Vibrating Kegel Balls

To elevate your Kegel ball routine, Grace stands out as the premium choice among vibrating Kegel balls to explore. These vibrating Kegel balls are dual-weighted and remote-controlled. Grace is designed to make your self-care routine more enjoyable and fulfilling! 

Grace offers the perfect combination of muscle-toning, and pleasure so you can relax and indulge in some me-time. With ten finely tuned vibration modes, you'll be empowered and enchanted with every use!

These Kegel balls were designed with a dual purpose in mind: pleasure today, stronger tomorrow. 

Features of Grace - Vibrating and weighted Kegel Balls

  • It has a wireless remote for easy use.
  • It’s complete with a rechargeable battery.
  • It has 8 different modes to choose from. 
  • It has a dual-stacked design for enhanced effectiveness. 

Benefits of Grace - The Vibrating and Weighted Kegel Balls

  • Strengthens and tones pelvic floor muscles
  • Improves bladder management
  • It accelerates postnatal healing
  • Heightens orgasms
  • It is easy to remove with its stretchy, retrievable cord. 
  • The perfect blend of muscle engagement and pleasure. 


The Aftercare of Vibrating Kegel Balls

Taking care of your vibrating Kegel Balls is very important as it will allow you to enjoy them longer. Here are a few aftercare tips to follow: 

  • Always read the cleaning instructions of your Vibrating Kegel Balls.
  • Use a mild soap or sex toy cleaner and a clean cloth to wipe down the vibrating Kegel balls.
  • If the toy is not waterproof, be extra careful and only wipe it down and ensure that no water comes in contact with the electrical parts. 
  • Grace comes with a silk storage bag so they are kept free of dust or debris. 


Final Thoughts on Vibrating Kegel Balls

Vibrating Kegel balls blend the muscle-strengthening benefits of weight with the sensory enhancement of vibration, offering a dual approach to both pelvic health and sexual pleasure.

They are perfect for those who have been experimenting with Kegel balls for a while and want to take things further. We recommend trying Grace – the epitome of vibrating and weighted Kegel balls. Designed for optimal comfort, effective toning, and heightened pleasure, Grace is more than just an exercise tool; it's a transformative addition to your wellness practice.

Grace provides the ultimate blend of muscle toning, comfort, and pleasure. She will truly transform your self-care routine. 

Do yourself a favor and invest in vibrating Kegel balls for a happier vagina and, most importantly, a happier you. 

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