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Have you ever been curious about butt plugs and wondered, "What does a butt plug feel like?" Well, you're not the only one, babe! People of all identities and orientations love butt plugs for a reason! And that’s because plugs can enhance pleasure, whether you're enjoying some solo time or partnered intimacy. 

In today's article, we’ll answer your burning question “What does a butt plug feel like anyway?” We’ll share varying opinions from different folks on whether butt plugs actually feel good. If you're still unsure whether to try it out or wondering what to expect, this article is for you.

Let's find out whether butt plugs actually feel good. Let's get into it😉

First, Why Do People Wear Butt Plugs?

Simply put, butt plugs can be pleasurable!

For vulva owners wearing a butt plug provides them with extra pressure inside their vaginal canal when penetration is also included. For women using a butt plug can stimulate the A-spot and the O-spot, a pleasure point for vulva owners.

For prostate owners, butt plugs can provide them with delightful prostate stimulation and a sense of fullness. You can create all sorts of stimulation by simply enjoying the pressure, or by moving the butt plug in and out or twisting them to the side.

Of course some people like wearing butt plugs during a masturbation session or sex, but others like wearing them around the house or when they are out and about.

Do Butt Plugs Feel Good?

Oh yes, they do, and we’ will tell you why. Your backdoor actually has a lot of nerve endings, so the sensation of a butt plug can feel pleasurable, especially when you incorporate other activities like oral sex, penile or vaginal penetration. 

Tara Struyk, editor-in-chief of Kinkly, tells Bustle that "One thing people tend not to know is that the anus contracts rhythmically during orgasm along with your pelvic floor muscle, so having something to clench around can enhance this sensation," This is why some people enjoy wearing a plug when they're reaching the Big O.

Anal play doesn't have to be extreme or super intense unless you want it to be. Many butt plugs will offer you a gentle sensation. That's why they're a great place to start for people who are curious about anal play. 

Butt plugs are a great addition to your sex life and can really make things more pleasurable. It feels really good when wearing a butt plug while stimulating your privates, and when you get close to reaching an orgasm, pull them out, and you will have a mouth-watering, sheet-pulling orgasm. 

Butt plugs might feel good to most people, but to some, it might feel uncomfortable and not that great, and That's totally okay! It doesn't mean there's something wrong with you if you don't enjoy it. We all are different. 

So do butt plugs feel good? There's a good chance you might enjoy it so, yes! 


Butt Plug Round Table: Real People Share What A Butt Plug Feels Like

Does it feel like a huge rock? Like a piece of poo that got stuck? Does it hurt? Does it make you feel fuller or tighter? Or does it feel like nothing at all? Butt plugs can feel different for everyone. Let's have a look at what different people had to say about how a butt plug feels to them.

A girl from Quora said: "It feels like having a constant fullness. Whenever I move, it usually touches the right spots and reminds me that it's there with bursts of pleasure. I wear it when I'm out and about, and it's quite a thrill that no one but me knows."

One guy from Reddit said: "Depends on the position and type of buttplug. If it's a big one, you'll definitely feel it. If it's glass or something else more rigid, ditto. I've used buttplugs before, large enough that vaginal sex in the missionary position was uncomfortable, so it's definitely possible to feel from the vagina. "

A trans person on Reddit said the following about butt plugs: "I enjoy them but don't underestimate their size. It definitely takes some warming up on smaller toys to get to even the medium-sized ones for me. Also, every girl is different, and what it takes to get them to climax."

When gay men were asked on Reddit how good butt plugs feel, their answers varied from "It feels amazing” to "You feel full" and "The orgasm is intense after masturbating."

Lastly, a lesbian answer to the question "Do you like butt plugs?” was "I love anal play, and it's the quickest/easiest way for me to orgasm. I have a very hard time orgasm, and I have found that adding some anal play really helps me ‘get there.’"

When we look at the opinions of these different people, there's definitely one thing that most agree on, and that is that butt plugs pretty feel good. But hey, if you tried a butt plug and don't like the feeling, that's totally fine; they're not for everyone. 

But there are ways to make wearing a butt plug feel good and more comfortable. Let's take a look: 

Ways To Make Using A Butt Plug Feel Good

The following are ways you can make wearing a butt plug feel good and comfortable. 

  • Lube is a must! The anus is not self-lubricating like the vagina, so lube is necessary when using a butt plug to make things feel more comfortable. Use a water-based lube as it is safer for sensitive skin and the safest option for toys. 
  • Start off with a small size and go slow. No need to rush things. You can always go up a size once you feel comfortable with the size.
  • Allow yourself some breaks - Even the most experienced need breaks, hun.
  • Experiment with different butt plug materials like glass, metal, or silicone and see which one is the most comfortable for you. 
  • Choose butt-plug-friendly clothing that will help keep your butt plug in place. You really don't want your butt plug falling out mid-conversation.
  • Only use butt plugs with a flared base that's large enough or has a long handle. Not only will they feel better, but this will prevent them from getting stuck up your bum. 

Our Favorite Butt Plug

Leo - The Vibrating Butt Plug is the backdoor hero. It is designed for easy use and your pleasure. It is everything you need in a butt plug. It is a great size, its premium silicone makes it feel great, it has vibration options, and the remote control is just a bonus. 

Why We’ve Been Loving Leo

Leo includes the following features:

  • Its taper design makes it easy to insert. 
  • Its textured flared base keeps everything in place and is also great for stimulation.
  • It is remote-controlled, which makes it easier to choose between the settings you like and makes it fun if you want to involve your partner and give them complete control.
  • It is for everyone; anyone with a bum can use it.
  • Great for beginners and backdoor experts. 
  • It is waterproof and USB rechargeable. 

Bum and Butt Plug Aftercare 

After trying out a butt plug or wearing it for a while, your anal muscles may feel tired or constrained after you remove it. Giving your bum some TLC will do wonders.

Soak in a bath of Epsom salt. It will soothe and relax your muscles. Also, give your butt a little break. Whether it's for a few hours or a day, you will know what's best for you. 

Make sure to give your butt plug a good clean after each and every use. Antibacterial soap or sex toy cleaner and some hot water would do the trick. 

Final Thoughts on What Does a Butt Plug Feel Like?

In conclusion, a butt plug can feel different for everyone. But for most people, it can provide incredible sensations and stimulation, especially when it is used with other sexual activities. Butt plugs can also make your orgasms way more intense and enhance them as the anus contracts rhythmically during orgasm along with your pelvic floor muscle. 

The best feel-good butt plug is the Leo vibrating butt plug. It is perfect for newbies and backdoor experts, designed for your pleasure, and super easy to use.

But if a butt plug doesn't feel good to you, that is totally fine. There are ways you can make a butt plug feel good. And if it still isn't your cup of tea, there's nothing wrong with that. There are many other toys you can enjoy, and can provide you with pleasure. 

If you enjoy the feeling of a butt plug, have fun, keep your safety in mind, and remember the lube to make things smooth and more enjoyable. When it comes to butt plugs, the world is your oyster. Enjoy! 

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