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This is your pocket guide to the best positions for prostate stimulation. Plus we'll cover top tips to help you enjoy the ultimate prostate orgasm.


Size can be deceptive. 

If the outer layers of the human body were transparent you would have to look very closely to find your prostate, after all, it is only the size of a walnut. But if you were to massage that gland, the mighty prostate orgasm that you'd experience may very well be life changing.  

To make the most out of your p-spot, you've got to find the best position for prostate stimulation, for you. No matter if you're using prostate massager solo or exploring with a partner the right position and angle could enhance your pleasure 10 fold.

Read on to get hints and tips that will allow you to fine-tune your approach to mind-blowing prostate play.


Finding The Best Positions For Prostate Stimulation

No matter if you are having anal sex with a partner or trying out a brand new prostate massager, the position you are in can make or break your experience. When trying to reach the prostate, some positions are better than others. 

These are positions that don’t require an Olympic Gymnastic qualification to enjoy - they’re simple to try out and can increase your enjoyment of prostate massage, or anal sex- hopefully aiding you in achieving some mind blowing orgasms.

Here are four of the most popular positions for prostate play:

#1 On Your Back & Legs Up

This is one of the most popular positions for prostate stimulation. It's a classic. 

It’s great for those who are just starting to explore the pleasures of prostate pleasure - but it’s also suitable for even those who are experienced when it comes to prostate play.

Before you assume the position, apply lube to the area and anything or anyone penetrating you. 

To try simply lay on your back and lift your knees up toward your chest, thus exposing your bum.

This position is particularly great for using a prostate massager. This position for prostate stimulation is also a classic because your hands are free to roam.

You can also try putting a pillow under your hips to make this position even nicer for prostate play as it helps the muscles in your low back and pelvis to relax. (Relaxation is key!)

#2 The Fetal Position

This is the perfect position for those who want to enjoy the wonders of prostate stimulation - without penile stimulation.

Lying on your side, one or both of your knees drawn up reduces the sensations provided by your penis allowing you to focus on reaching the peak of prostate pleasure. It’s perfect for solo play - or with a partner.

Try adding a pillow under the side of your lifted knee to support your back, and help your muscles relax during the prostate stimulation.  


#3 Doggy Style 

This one is familiar to those who are fans of penile sex (who isn’t?), but it’s also a great way to get the most out of your prostate massager

It’s easy to assume the position - and it’s comfortable. That’s important as the more relaxed you are the better your prostate massage experience is going to be.

Find this position by simply kneeling on all fours with your ass facing your significant other. This is great for sharing some passionate play and promoting intimacy. 

This is really great for beginners, it's uncomplicated and since you are being supported by your hands and knees, you may feel a sense of control of the angle of your hips.

#4 Lap it Up 

This is perfect for using remote control prostate massagers and couples.

If you’re feeling the need to be gently dominated, lie on your partner's lap with your crotch nestled in between their thighs. Hand them the remote control of the prostate massager and enjoy the power-play.

It’ll make penetration easier and it’s both ultra sexy, and is a great way to supercharge intimacy.



The Best Position For Prostate Stimulation Is Whatever Feels Best To You

Remember, finding your favorite position for prostate play should be fun. Try out different positions until you find one that is comfortable and (literally) hits the right spot.

Finding the position that best suits you is important, it can make cumming easier, and it’ll boost the intensity of orgasms.


4 Top Tips For Prostate Play 

#1 Toy curious? Make sure it's designed for prostate play

Many people are under the impression that a stock standard vibrator is more than good enough for prostate play. That’s definitely not the case.

A great prostate massager is designed with the male anatomy in mind. The sensuous curves of top flight prostate massager are custom made to provide a safe and comfortable prostate massage experience, and the bulbous head of the massager makes it easier to reach the dense bundle of nerves that is our prostate. That means shudderingly good orgasms - and the possibility of experiencing the ultimate, multiple orgasms without ejaculation. Meaning you can go again and again.

But even the most dynamic and curvaceous prostate massager needs functionality that will enhance your experience. There are prostate massagers such as the Neo that have twin motors for unlimited control - and a unique “prostate pulse point” feature that will make reaching the true heights of sexual pleasure a breeze.


#2 Go slow

The ‘Bull in a China Shop’ approach is not recommended when it comes to prostate play. Always remember that you are dealing with delicate and sensitive parts of your body. Be gentle on yourself. Take it slow and get comfortable. You’ll be more relaxed, and that is essential. 


#3 Lube up

If there is one piece of advice that is worth repeating over and over again it is to use a high quality water-based lube, and reapply often.

This is NOT the time to be going in dry. You risk a serious bacterial infection (or worse) if you tear the skin around the anus, or damage your delicate internal ecosystem.

Stay away from those lubricants that promise to provide heat or cold, at least until you are more experienced. Once again, it's worth repeating that you are dealing with extremely delicate skin.  


#4 The Clean Up

Prostate play doesn't need to be messy, it's easy to keep things tidy.

-Take a shower before you reach into the bedside drawer for your newly acquired prostate massager. Pay special attention to your naughty bits and get both fore and aft squeaky clean.

-For fast clean up, slip a condom over the massager before diving in. No mess, no fuss. If you're going in with fingers, use a latex glove.

-Fast and well thought-out clean up will make the experience more rewarding for you - and for your partner if your coupled up. 

-Make sure that you clean your massager after every use, otherwise you risk a nasty infection. Be hygiene aware and use a mild detergent to clean up.

Summary: Best Position For Prostate Stimulation

A prostate orgasm can be one of the most intense sensations that you may ever experience. However, there’s a lot to think about if you want to get the most out of that experience. The position you find yourself in during prostate stimulation can make or break the experience. Prostate stimulation can last a long time, so if you're uncomfortable in your position, it can really dampen your pleasure. 

Experiment with different positions, find what feels good and take things slow.


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