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Discreetly shipped sex toys are a hot topic around here. We get it-–you may be the most sex positive person on the planet, but that doesn’t mean you want your doorman, mailman or family member knowing when you’ve got a delivery of sex toys. 

Some sex toy companies are very careful about their shipping practices, while others want to show off their cute branding at the expense of their customers' privacy. 

Marketplace giants (rhymes with glamazon) have even slipped up with completely sparse shipping packaging, or trigger indiscreet Alexa order announcements. 

*Jane, your ultimate vibrating rabbit dildo has arri--*

If you want to get sex toys delivered to you discreetly, there are a few things to consider. 

What to expect from companies that offer sex toys & discreet shipping

If discreetly shipped sex toys are important to you, this is what you should know about the process. 

sex toys discreet shipping

#1 A plain shipping box is the number one priority here 

A simple, plain shipping box is preferred for shipping sex toys discreetly. There could be a million things in a little white mailer.

For discreet sex toy shipping, all shipping boxes or bubble mailers should be plain, with no logo or branding. Here at BerryLemon our boxes are plain on the outside, all white cardboard with no branding. 


sex toys discreet shipping

(all the fun is inside!)

#2 Nondescript shipping label:

At the top of any shipping label there’s always a return address and a company or an individual listed. For discreet sex toy shipping, labels should display a company name but never “sex toy warehouse” “” or “sexRus”. This is a clear indicator to everyone who comes in contact with it that it’s a sex related item.  

However, most people won't be so nosey to see a tiny return address on your plain package. 

#3 Discreet billing:

Credit card statements can list a multitude of indulgences. If that’s your worry, you’re not alone. 

Companies with discreet billing should edit their statement descriptor and remove anything that could reveal the nature of the purchase. Companies that are very well known sex shops, Love Honey for example, would do well to edit their descriptor. 

On a statement, ‘BERRYLEMON’ sounds like an expensive vegan restaurant, no? Not anything to raise an eyebrow at, to be sure.

(And don’t worry, credit card statements won’t have the item you bought, just the business name and the cost.)


#4 Accepts PayPal as payment method to keep things off your bank statement

PayPal purchases help folks side step the bank statement issue all together. Sex toy companies should offer payment methods to give customers the option of foolproof statement protection. 

At BerryLemon we offer multiple payment method options so that you have full control of discretion. 


#5 No after purchase mail marketing: 

We’re all flooded with mail marketing everyday. I swear, I still get print marketing in the mail for a skincare purchase I made two years ago. 

We don't do that at BerryLemon

No discreet sex toy company should ever send you anything in the mail marketing their brand after a purchase. 


Good rule of thumb is to avoid mega retailers if you want your sex toys delivered discreetly 

This is no shade on mammoth retailers, but simply put, they’ve got other priorities than keeping certain low volume purchases on the down low. 

I’m talking about Amazon, Wish, AliExpress, WalMart. These companies are not considered discreet sex toy retailers. The way the package arrives at your door is up to chance. 

At BerryLemon we’ve made sex toys a huge part of our mission, you can bet we’ve considered your privacy, discreet shipping practices, and billing discretion. 

Discreetly delivering sex toys is our day-to-day task. 

International sex toy shipping consideration 

If you are interested in buying a sex toy from a company outside your country, this is where discretion can get tricky. 

When a package is sent between countries, a customs form must be filled out. This often displays the contents of the package. At BerryLemon we list our sex toys as “muscle massagers” or “back massager” on our custom forms—it’s technically not a lie, and it’s not explicitly honest either. 

If you’re shy about your sex toy deliveries, I would choose a company that is either within your country or ask the company how they declare the goods to customs – not everyone is as thoughtful as us :)

If in doubt, ask! 

If you’re eyeing a new vibe, lube, plug or harness but you’re worried about discreet shipping and billing – reach out to the company and ask. 

At BerryLemon all of our shipments are discreet 

Discreetly shipping sex toys is sort of our forte. Our shipping boxes are totally brandless, and your items will arrive in a white cardboard box. 

Your vibes are your business. We keep it that way.


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