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What are butt plugs for exactly? 

For some, the butt plug is shrouded in mystery. What are butt plugs for? How do you use a butt plug? What’s the point of butt plugs? Are they just for men or can ladies hop on this backdoor train too??? 

Trying a new intimate pleasure product all starts with understanding the basics. And if it tickles your fancy – then comes the exploration. 

We’re going to cover the most common questions about butt plugs so you’ll be ready to either explore or choose a different pleasure adventure.

Let’s get into everything you should know about butt plugs.

What is a butt plug?

A butt plug is a sex toy that is inserted into, you guessed it, the bum. 

These toys are specifically tailored for anal play. These backdoor toys come in a few different shapes, sizes, and features, but most often they are tapered in the shape of a cone. Our premium butt plug Leo is perfectly tapered for easy entry.

Some butt plugs are static (no vibrator) and some are buzzy like Leo. In our opinion, vibrating butt plugs are the best of both worlds-- you can choose if you want mild stimulation (no vibe) or mega stimulation (like 2 motors and 10-speeds to choose from).

What is the point of a butt plug? What are butt plugs for? 

Simply put, they can be pleasurable. And there are a few reasons for that

The anus is full of nerve endings, making stimulation exciting. (This pleasure potential can vary from person to person though.) Even just a feeling of fullness in this area can be arousing. 

Even more to the point, butt plugs can stimulate erogenous zones. 

Depending on your anatomy, butt plugs can either push against the prostate or against the opposite side of the vaginal wall. Both can intensify arousal and pleasure. Butt plugs offer gentle pressure to these areas which can trigger their very own orgasms (anal orgasms or prostate orgasms) or they can heighten other types of climaxes.

Butt plugs vs. prostate massagers

Butt plugs and prostate massagers might seem like they are basically the same thing, but that’s not exactly true. 

Unless a butt plug has a curve to it there won’t be any direct prostate stimulation. (But there will be some exciting indirect stimulation though.) 

If you want to experience intense prostate pleasure, opt for a prostate massager or a curved vibrating butt plug. Starting out with cone-shaped butt plugs is a good idea, but often won’t offer a prostate orgasm. 

Who can use a butt plug?

Anyone can use a butt plug. If you have a bum, you can use a plug. 

Because biological males are born with prostates (found in the anus,) most assume butt plugs are just for men. And there’s no denying that prostate-owners may experience butt plugs and other anal toys in a more intense way –but ladies can totally enjoy them too. 

When a vulva-owner inserts a butt plug they might feel that penetration feels more intense because the plug creates a little bit of pressure on the vaginal canal. This is double penetration and may bring you to a blended orgasm.

Butt plugs are for everyone. We say, if the idea of it turns you on, go for it. 

How do you choose a butt plug?

Well, there are many types of butt plugs but they all have one safety feature in common: a flared base

Unlike a vaginal canal, there is no endpoint to the rectum. So, inserted toys that don’t have a flared base can get pulled up into the rectum and lodged. A flared base is a MUST have of any anal toy.

When you’re just starting out with butt plugs it’s best to choose one that’s slim. Start small and then graduate to bigger toys as you become accustomed to this type of stimulation. Butt plugs often come in silicone, glass, and stainless steel materials. Harder materials can be a bit intense for beginners so we’d recommend silicone. 

The key takeaways

Butt plugs are for everyone. Prostate-havers can enjoy p-spot stimulation and vulva-havers can enjoy double penetration. And everyone’s orgasms may be intensified when using a butt plug. 

Nuff said, right?

Butt plugs are fun “place and play” sex toys. Once these toys are lubed up and inserted, you are then hands-free to enjoy other types of stimulation. 

Remote control butt plugs are elite. You just insert the toy and control 2 motors and 10 massage modes with your remote. Your hands are free to masturbate, have sex, or pleasure your partner. No awkward reaching around to change the vibe.


The bottom line is: your backdoor can be a place of pleasure if you want it to be, and anal toys can help get you there.


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