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Looking for vibrators for arthritis? You’ve come to the right place. 

Hand arthritis and manual clit stimulation don’t mix well. 

When you’re doing a lot of fancy finger work down there, it can get seriously painful for your hands and wrists. Not to mention when you’re over a certain age it can take a lot longer to reach orgasm. 

Clitoral vibrators are a joyful solution to this common issue. 

Let’s talk about everything you should know about choosing vibrators for arthritis. 

Vibrators & arthritis

If you’re arthritic, vibrators may be the answer to your prayers. Vibrators are intensely stimulating without all the dexterity or hand strength manual stimulation requires. 

Vibrators do all the work while you lay back and enjoy. 

Just because you have arthritis doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your pleasure. Sex plays a huge role in your overall quality of life. So don’t skimp on pleasure, shift your game plan.

Now, let's talk about what you need to look for when choosing a vibrator for arthritis. 

Vibrators for Arthritis

Here are 4 things to consider when shopping for vibrators for arthritis

Not all vibrators are created equal. 

There will be plenty of cute, buzzy vibrators that promise life-altering orgasms, but they might not work well with arthritic hands.

Here are 3 things to consider when buying a vibrator for arthritis.

#1 The flexibility of the vibrator 

One of the most useful features of a vibrator for arthritis is flexibility. 

Try bendy and customizable vibrators like Aura. This 3-in-1 clit sucker has a flexible mid-section that allows the user to bend each side at an angle.

For those with arthritis, it’s a very helpful feature. 

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Aura is an air pulse clit sucker that can be placed around the clitoris and the handle can bend to wrap around the front of the pelvis. So all you need to do is hold the device at the top of your pelvis while the vibrator does all the reaching for you. 

(Some users say they can go hands-free!!)  


#2 The weight of the vibrator 

You don’t want to buy a vibrator that is excessively clunky and heavy. These can be hard to maneuver and hold on to if you have arthritis. 

Opt for a vibrator that is around or less than 1 pound. 

This used to be a hard feat back in the day because of the materials and batteries sex toys required. But nowadays most vibrators are light and contain sleek rechargeable lithium batteries. 

If you have arthritis, skip the Brookstone massagers, they are just too big and heavy.

#3 The type & design of the vibrator 

Penetration might be one of your favorite things on the bedroom menu, but manually stimulating yourself internally with a vibrating dildo is HARD with arthritis. 

This is why the style & design of the vibrator you buy is so important. 

Opt for clitoral vibrators that do all the work for you. These include vibes like powerhouse wand vibrators or long-handle 3-in-1 suction vibrators. These types of vibes just need to make contact with your body – that’s all. 

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And down below we have some tips on how to make using a vibrator easier if you have arthritis.

#4 The in-use handle options of the vibrator 

We recommend a clit vibrator with a long body or a handle so you can easily reach all your favorite spots. 

There are some really cute mini vibrators out there but they are often impractical if you have low grip strength, or stiff hands and arms. 

For example, our clit sucker Kai is compact and does not feature a handle. It simply fits in the palm of your hand. 

But the powerful clit sucker Aura on the other hand has a flexible body that serves as a long-reaching handle. 

The same goes for Bewitch’d. It’s a lightweight, long-body wand massager that can easily reach your vulva without any strain. It can also be nestled close next to your body with a pillow for hands-free fun. (Details below.)


For arthritic ladies, always opt for a vibrator with a handle. 

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3 game-changing tips for using a vibrator with arthritis 

Okay so now you’ve chosen a vibrator, what's the best way to use it? 

I’m here for you, bestie. Here are 5 tips that may help you get the most out of your new vibrator.

#1 Prep your body

Before you start your vibe session, give your hands some loving care.

If you deal with hand pain, give your hands and wrist a little massage. This can help increase the blood flow to your hands and wrists which can offer some temporary pain and stiffness relief. 

The Arthritis Foundation says hand massage can reduce hand pain by up to 57%. A 10-15 minute massage is enough to feel some relief. 

(There are hand massagers that can do this for you. Worth checking out in our opinion.) 

#2 Try the positioning pillow method

Now this is a game-changer. 

Holding a vibrator in place for a long time may irritate your hands and wrists. If this is the case for you, try the pillow method: 

  • Grab a few pillows and get comfortable on your bed/couch. 
  • Wedge the pillows between your legs / beneath your hips.
  • Make sure the height of the pillows are parallel to your vulva.
  • Then rest the vibrator on both the pillow and your body. 
  • Turn on the vibrator and enjoy hands-free stimulations.
  • You could also grind your body against the vibrator with your hips. 

#3 Try panty vibrators 

Remote control pantie vibrators can be great for those with arthritis. 

You can insert these types of vibrators or simply place them in your panties and control them with a remote.

How perfect, right?!

Some sweet parting words

Here at BerryLemon, we take great pride in offering premium vibrators that are versatile enough to please all walks of life. 

If you want to try any of our vibrators, you can get 15% off your first order with us if you sign up for our newsletter. 

That's all for now, friends. 

Keep being awesome. 


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