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Wondering which sex toy is best for you? We love talking about sex toys! In this fun sex toy quiz, we'll ask about your personal preferences and give you our very best recommendations.

Take this 4-minute sex toy quiz to figure out which product might be best for you. After you get your results, come back to this page to learn more about each section.

👇👇 let's take the 'what sex toy should you try' quiz!👇👇

You got your sex toy quiz result but you want to know more? We've got you.

Scroll down below, find your result and sink your teeth into the links and educational content we link to --we'll detail possible next steps for exploring your recommended sex toy. 

✨Clitoral suction toys

So the quiz mentioned suction toys. These sex toys are one of our all-time favorites. Suction toys are somewhat new to the sex toy industry, and they are now infamous -- for good reason. These sex toys are designed to offer ultimate clit stimulation by enveloping the entire clitoris in air pulsations. Instead of direct vibration, clit suction toys create 360-degree indirect stimulation. The vibe never really touches the tip of the clit, but it creates air pulsations that do all the work. 

These toys are famous for making you come very quickly. If you're interested in powerful clit stimulation look no further than our powerhouse dual stimulator Aura


✨Dual stimulators

For those who want the best of both worlds (clit and vaginal stimulation) you're going to love dual stimulators. This is just like the famous Rabbit vibrators from the 1990s --they tease and stimulate externally while offering internal vibration. 

Since the inception of the rabbit vibrator, the sexual wellness industry has innovated quite a bit. Our best-selling dual stimulator Aura can offer clit suction and g-spot stimulation simultaneously. (Or you can use each side independently if you want. It's got range.)

Kit, the cutest remote control vibrator you've ever seen, is also a dual stimulator. When it's inserted the "ears" of the vibe wrap around the front of the vulva to stimulate the clitoris. You can control your stimulation by remote, or give all the power to your partner. 

If you're into double stimulation, you'll probably be a fan of the blended orgasm --you can read more about that here. 

✨Clitoral massagers

The trusty mainstay -- clitoral massagers. Our favorite type of clit massager is vibrating wands. They are powerful vibes and do not hold back. The design is universally perfect for all types of anatomy. 

If you just want powerful clitoral stimulation (no suction) we think you'd be charmed by Bewitch'd our most powerful vibrator yet. This vibrating wand design is modern, sleek, and oh-so-pleasurable. It's waterproof, rechargeable, and cordless --all while offering a set of 10 delicious vibe patterns and 3 speeds. 

Want to learn how to use a wand vibrator? Learn more about this here. 

✨Anal toys 

Interested in the backdoor, eh? Join the club mate. There is an entire world of anal toys to explore. If you're into plugs there are slims, thickys and silicone, and metal options.

If you're new to exploring anal toys we'd recommend starting small and working your way up. And, ALWAYS. USE. LUBE. 


You'll have to decide if vibration sounds good to you, or if you just enjoy "feeling full" and would rather a static (no vibes) anal toy. 

You can read all about anal toys here. 

✨Prostate massagers

So the sex toy quiz mentioned prostate toys? Ahhh yes, the crème de la crème of sex toys for men. Welcome! 


The prostate is often ignored by many, but it's a pleasure point that could offer the most intense orgasm you've ever experienced. The prostate gland is nestled in between many sweet little nerve endings that when consistently stimulated may offer a deep, world-ending, eyes-rolling-back-in-your-head prostate orgasm.

Learning how to achieve a prostate orgasm can offer a bit of a learning curve for some dudes. It's different from a penile orgasm, but that's exactly the allure. A lot of guys say it's deeper and more powerful than a penile orgasm. AND there's no refractory period. 

We have a lot of educational content for those who are exploring prostate pleasure. 


    ✨Strokers & male masturbators 

    Sex toys for men really are having a renaissance moment.

    Strokers and auto masturbators are seriously amazing for penile pleasure. These toys allow you fully penetrate, sink deep, and allow a perfectly calibrated machine to contract and gently suck all around you. The pliable and textured silicone internal mechanism stretches to create a perfect, snug fit, every time.  

    A lot of guys use masturbators as edging tools, allowing them to elongate their pleasure and ride the edging wave totally hands-free. 

    I mean, jeez, if that doesn't sound like heaven...


    ✨Cock rings 

    Good ole cock rings. These are really great for guys (and gals) who want to spice up their partnered sex. Some cock rings have a purpose -- like helping you last longer, or offering extra stimulation to both parties.

    Before buying a cock ring, figure out what your goal is. There are constriction cock rings, erectile dysfunction cock rings, premature ejaculation cock rings, vibrating cock rings,

    A safe bet for a lot of couples is a simple vibrating cock ring. It can help stimulate the base of the penis and offer teasing clit stimulation to the vulva. These rings could also help you last longer in bed if that's a concern. Or it can enhance a handy or oral sex.

    We're super close to launching our premium vibrating cock ring with a universal base fit. If you want to be the first to know when we launch, sign up below.


    Some sweet parting words

    We hope our fun little sex toy quiz helped to shed some light on the awesome world of pleasure products.

    Here are BerryLemon we are major proponents of playing the "sex toy field" -- try new things the heck out! You'll never know exactly what you like if you don't explore. Keep the price points reasonable when exploring so you can feel good about trial and error, have some lubricant near by and enjoy.

    Keep being awesome.



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