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Every couple deserves to enjoy pleasure regardless of their age. Just because you and your partner have matured a bit, doesn't mean your sex life has to end. There are so many fun sex toys on the market today that the options can be dizzying — you may not know what toys will work for you as an older couple. Well, we’re here to help. Today we’ll share the best sex toys for older couples so that you and your partner may explore brand-new avenues of excitement and pleasure.

Are you ready to broaden your horizons and maximize your pleasure? Let's dive right in! 


Things to Consider when Deciding to Purchase a Sex Toy as an Older Couple

  • As you get older, you might need more stimulation in order to reach climax. You might find it difficult to stay aroused or reach orgasm from penetrative sex or oral sex alone. 
  • Consider a sex toy that is lightweight, and easy to hold and operate.
  • Consider your and your partner's overall health. Conditions like diabetes, cancer, or even menopause can affect your and your partner's sexual function and satisfaction. Any health conditions might tweak how you approach your sexual wellness. 

Let's take a look at some great sex toys for older couples that are sure to enhance your sex life.

#1 Suction Clit Stimulators

As mentioned above, as you get older, you might need a bit more stimulation than you used to. You might also find it hard to stay aroused, and powerful suction vibrators are the perfect solution. Suction vibes offer powerful (and I mean POWERFUL) clitoral stimulation. Suction vibrators like Rosie or Aura, offer a gentle thumping sensation powered by air pulse technology. These are great for someone who wants powerful stimulation and a vibe that could help boost natural lubrication. 

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Suction vibrators provide deep clitoral orgasms, and with our best-seller Aura, you can choose between 10 different massage modes.  


Aura is also bendable and light weight making it super easy to hold and operate.

You can put Aura in place while your partner performs penetrative vaginal or anal sex — or you could just use it while you warm up during foreplay.

If you need direct and intense clitoral stimulation, air pulse vibrators are your new best friend. 

#2 Bullet Vibrators 

Now we’re sure you, as a senior couple, have been around the block once or twice, and you may already be familiar with bullet vibes, but they are worth a revisit. Bullet vibrators are great for clitoral stimulation and are lightweight and easy to handle. They are also a wonderful discreet vibrator for travel. 

The Happy - The Bullet Vibrator lives up to its name, as it can definitely put a smile on your face. It has ten massage modes and a flutter tip for precise clitoral stimulation or if you want slim vaginal penetration. Use it while you and your partner are having penetrative vaginal or anal sex, and add some spice to your sex life as an older couple. 

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#3 Palm Vibrator

A vibrator that perfectly fits in the palm of your hand. Meet Zara, the palm vibrator. This sex toy combines the approachability of a bullet vibe and the stimulation from a personal massager. 

Palm vibrators are perfect for older couples, providing precise clitoral stimulation and all-over vulva fun. Foreplay, teasing, and arousal — you name it. Your partner can stimulate your nipples, clit, and vulva, and you can have hours of fun. 

Zara is also the perfect match for the senior couple who has trouble with aching/tired hands. With Zara, you can go hands-free as she has the perfect panty vibe. Bring Zara to your bedroom. Trust us; she will bring the vibe 😉

#4 A Modern Take on Vibrating Wands

The Magic wand has been around since the late 1960s, and there's a reason they are still so popular. They are strong and durable and have helped countless ladies reach orgasms who had difficulty doing so before. 

The OG wands used to be extremely clunky and super heavy. But not anymore. 

Meet our best selling modernized version, Bewitch'd.

Bewitch'd is the perfect sex toy for older couples. It is super lightweight, cordless, and has ten massage modes and patterns that are sure to put a smile on your face. This vibrating wand will make you feel pleasure that you haven't felt in years. Use it during foreplay with your partner, or alone and make the magic happen. 

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#5 Vibrating Butt Plug

Are you the senior couple that loves some backdoor stimulation now and again? Butt plugs are an easy and simple way to add a bit of butt play without too much muss or fuss. 

Leo is an easy-insert butt plug designed with an easy entry taper. The toy will stay in place with its dual-purpose and textured flared base. Enjoy it as a senior couple by letting your partner take control of the remote and enjoy a session of incredible stimulation.  

Anyone can use a butt plug, simply insert it and carry on with other exciting stimulation. Some folks just love the feeling – period. Some male users love butt plugs because they graze a pleasure point, the prostate. Ladies enjoy them because they help intensify vaginal penetration pleasure. 

Butt plugs are great hands-free sex toys, perfect for anyone who’s intrigued. 

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#6 Prostate Massager 

Now if you want to level up your backdoor fun, you can opt for a Pulser Prostate Massager. It’s sure to take your pleasure to a new level. Neo has a prostate pulse point feature as well as a perineum massage function that will give you the best stimulation and leave you breathless. Whether you are a senior couple who is experienced in back door action or still a beginner, Neo will give you maximum pleasure.

Use it with your partner by giving them the power of the remote. Your partner can also give you some oral action while you are using the prostate massager to make the experience even more intense and memorable. 

If you're new to anal toys, consider the size and your comfort level.


#7 Remote control fun 

One of the most fun and playful sex toys for older couples is any toy with a remote control feature.

These toys are so special because one party gets the pleasure of wearing a wearable vibrator, but the other partner has full control of the vibe with a remote.

The power play here is definitely hot!  The shared pleasure is priceless. 

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Final Thoughts on Sex Toys For Older Couples 

Any sex toy can be suitable for an older couple as long as you and your partner are happy and comfortable using it. There is no age that you should stop having sex. Bringing new toys into your relationship as an older couple (or adding them to your collection) may be just what you need to reinvigorate your sex life. 

Just remember to have fun and explore. We hope this article about the best sex toys for older couples has shown you that age is just a number and that sex does not have to end when you get a bit older. In fact, it could get even better! 

Bring these sex toys into your bedroom or wherever you prefer *smirky emoji* and have an amazing time. 

That's all for now lovebirds, go and get your sexy on with some fun new toys. 🙂 


Still Unsure? Take The Sex Toy Quiz

And if you are still not sure which sex toy is suited for you as an older couple, you can always take our BerryLemon Sex Toy Quiz, where we’ll find the perfect sex toy just for you. 



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